SM Entertainment To Take Strict Legal Action Against NCT’s Stalkers

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SM Entertainment has warned strongly against fans who invade the privacy of NCT members.

SM said in a statement on March 6th, 

NCT Members are suffering from continuous unauthorized visits to places related to their daily lives, following vehicles, excessive contact or filming with members within airport security zones, illegally acquiring personal information and indiscriminately trying to contact them, and spreading malicious rumors.

We would like to reiterate once again that this act is not an act of showing interest in the artist, but a stalking crime that instills fear in the artist and causes serious harm to the artist as well as to his family and acquaintances. 

We ask that you immediately stop the act of invading the privacy of the artist.

Previously, Haechan, a member of NCT, was victimized by a sasaeng fan breaking into his house at the end of November last year.

SM said, “The sasaeng who trespassed into the house was prosecuted by the prosecution. According to Haechan’s intention, it ended with taking leniency so that they would not be punished. As a warning, we have decided to disclose this incident.”

Lastly, SM said, “We will strictly deal with illegal acts such as house invasion, leakage of personal information, and stalking by sasaengs with a zero-tolerance principle. Please be careful not to get involved in such things.”


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