SM Entertainment Surprises Fans By Taking Strict Legal Action Against The Spreading Of False Rumors About Trainee Yoo Ji Min

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SM Entertainment has stepped up to confirm they’ve filed lawsuits against netizens who spread harmful rumors about Trainee Yoo Ji Min.

Previously, some netizens began to spread false rumors claiming that Trainee Yoo Ji Min from SM used to mock various other SM artists by criticizing their appearance and talents; others also claimed she criticized some other huge Kpop groups which led to even more backlash.

The rumors didn’t stop and many people began digging into them, it had also been rumored that Yoo Ji Min will be part of SM’s upcoming girl group which infuriated the fans of other groups she has allegedly criticized.

On October 15, SM Entertainment issued a stern statement confirming they had filed lawsuits against the netizens who claimed such harmful rumors; they called the rumors ‘false and fabricated.’

They added that the baseless rumors are an ‘attack’ on her character and honor since she has her debut ahead of her. Thus, SM has taken civil and criminal legal action against the ones who spread the rumors online.

Through their appointed legal representative, they’ve already filed a legal complaint at the Gangnam Police Station for defamation, insult, etc. on October 14.

SM warned they will continue to take strict legal action against those who spread rumors similar to this one about their trainees and artists.

Yoo Ji Min is rumored to be part of the highly anticipated upcoming girl group of SM, many industry insiders claim the group will debut some time in 2021 but SM hasn’t confirmed anything yet.  

While the news was welcomed by many netizens, some fans of other groups under SM were upset that SM hadn’t done the same to already debuted SM idols who are suffering from malicious comments and spreading of false rumors.

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