SM Entertainment Responds To Burning Sun Whistleblower Post Mentioning Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon

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SM Entertainment has responded to the original whistleblower of the Burning Sun case for the post he made about Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon.

On January 13, Kim Sang Kyo, credited as the man who was the spark to uncover the Burning Sun case, posted a bizarre post to social media targeting Hyoyeon, stating that she was a DJ at the party that took place on November 24, 2018. He alludes to the fact that she must’ve seen the VVIPs of the night and called on her to open up as a witness and reveal what she knows, from the one who assaulted him to an actress who had taken drugs.

His post has since been deleted.

Hyoyeon’s agency SM Entertainment released a brief statement on January 14 responding to the rumors, they stated, ‘Hyoyeon only performed as she was invited to be a DJ for the event at the time, she has no relation to the post. We ask of you to refrain from posting speculations and misunderstandings.’

K-netizens are taking Hyoyeon’s side on this matter and have been criticizing Kim Sang Kyo for throwing her name out there when she’s only been there to do her job and has left as soon as she was done.

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