SM Entertainment Signs A Deal With A Law Firm For The Protection Of Its Artists + Launches Site For Reporting Hateful Comments

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SM Entertainment signs a business agreement with the law firm Sejong to protect its artists.

SM announced on  March 15th that it will declare the era of ‘SM 3.0’ and further strengthen the protection of its artists through the announcement of co-CEOs Lee Sung Soo and Tak Young Joon, and will accelerate the implementation of ‘SM 3.0’ by signing a business agreement with Sejong, a law firm.

SM has been closely discussing the issue with Sejong, a law firm. Through this business agreement, SM will take a step further from collecting evidence of illegal activities through existing information mail accounts and self-monitoring, and will open a tentatively named “KWANGYA 119” site with reporting functions and respond with law firm Sejong

SM has decided to immediately and strongly respond to all forms of illegal activities, including spreading false information, malicious slander, abusive language, sexual harassment, and invasion of privacy, as well as unauthorized compilation and editing of artists’ portraits to produce content.

In addition, SM also plans to respond to illegal activities occurring not only in Korea but also abroad by using all possible means and to respond to all illegal activities related to its artists without any leniency or agreement.


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