SM Entertainment Announces The End Of NCT Expansion In 2023, NCT Hollywood Debut Canceled

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SM Entertainment has unveiled their plans for SM 3.0 through a new video release. The agency’s executives have outlined their “4 Key Growth Strategies” in a recent series of videos, covering areas such as intellectual property strategy, business strategy, global expansion, and investment strategy.

The video features SM’s co-CEOs Lee Sung Su and Tak Young Jun, who discuss the agency’s plans for their artists under SM 3.0.

Among the most talked about subjects covered in the video was the subject of NCT’s system which was originally going to be infinite as more members could be added to almost each unit.

However, this is not the case anymore, the infinite expansion of the NCT system will end in 2023 with NCT Tokyo being the final sub-unit to debut as part of NCT. After that, no new members will be added to any sub-unit.

This also means that the highly controversial announcement of NCT Hollywood debut is canceled.

Lee Sung Soo shared that this allows SM Entertainment to “support the existing members as much as possible,” wanting to meet fans’ desire for NCT members to “engage in much more diverse activities.”

You can check out the video where they discuss this down below!

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