Fans Furious After American Radio DJ Compares BTS To SEVENTEEN + Vernon’s Mature Response Gains Praise

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SEVENTEEN’s recent interview on Sirius XM has gained a lot of backlash for what its host said to the members.

Recently, a new interview with the SEVENTEEN members was released by Sirius XM. Its hosted by Tony Fly, and DK, Seungkwan, and Vernon showed up for the interview.

The members answered many questions during the interview but one stood out to fans who claim it was very rude and unnecessary. While chatting, the radio DJ remarked, “Starting the band, there’s no way you expected that you’d be up there just like BTS. That you’d be at the same level as BTS.”

Seungkwan can be seen awkwardly smiling at the host surprised by the question. Vernon remained calm and replied with, When we debuted, they’re… BTS wasn’t the BTS today either. So, yeah, it’s really crazy what we’re doing right now and where we are at right now.”

Comments on the video released expressed their opinions on the question that many believe was unwarranted. Fans didn’t like the fact that the host brought up BTS when discussing SEVENTEEN’s debut and accomplishments. Fans also praised Vernon for handling the question well.

The video has since been privated on YouTube and can’t be found on the platform but snippets of the question and the members’ reaction to it remain online. Its unknown whether the video was made private due to the host’s remarks and the subsequent backlash.

Do you think it was an unnecessary question? What did you think of Vernon’s response?

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