Single’s Inferno’s Freezia [Song Ji Ah] Returns To Social Media For The First Time In A While

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Single’s Inferno’s Freezia [Song Ji Ah] has returned to social media and is being welcomed by fans.

On June 2, Song Ji Ah posted a photo of herself on Instagram. She captioned, “Thank you to everyone who supported me. I am doing well. How have you been?”

Fans flocked to the post to welcome the influencer back with comments such as, ‘we missed you, ‘glad you’re back,’ ‘we support you’ and more.

Earlier this year, Song Ji Ah was involved in a huge controversy that forced her to take a hiatus. Some netizens noticed that Freezia was wearing fake designer outfits [such as Dior and Chanel] in “Single’s Inferno.” Soon, many began to criticize her for that, some netizens argue she’s been trying to pretend to be ‘rich’ while wearing fake designer clothes.

As the issue grew bigger, many media outlets began to cover the story. Freezia has gained massive popularity following her appearance in the hit Netflix show “Single’s Inferno.”

Freezia ended up posting a handwritten apology letter to her Instagram. Despite her apology, k-netizens didn’t react to it well and some began to dig up more about the rising star. She has since stepped away from social media, she was recently spotted volunteering and doing charity work.

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