Singer Shin Nara Revealed To Be Receiving Treatment In Hospital After Car Accident

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Singer Shin Nara was involved in a car accident.

Her agency released a statement through a source on April 17 explaining that the singer had been in a car accident while exercising in the morning near her home.

The source said,

“Fortunately, it was not a big accident, but it was a simple contact accident, but she suffered a bruise, and also received five needles on her head. MRI and CT scans showed that she hasn’t sustained any fractures or large injuries.

We were given her results after a month of treatment, she will be able to promote again soon. She is currently resting at home.”

Singer Shin Nara debuted in 2016 with “Paralysis” released a remake of Rich’s “Just Say I Love You” in November of last year.

Get well soon Shin Nara!

Source: (A)

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