Singer Kim Junsu And Former Lovelyz Member Kei Deny Dating Rumour

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Singer Kim Junsu and Former member of group Lovelyz Kei have denied dating Rumour.

On August 19, Kim Junsu and Kei’s agency Palm Tree Island said in an official statement, “The story of Kim Junsu and Kei’s romantic relationship reported on August 19 is not true at all.”

According to an article reported earlier on the day, Kim Junsu and Kei are in a relationship, and the agency supports their work activities, they also rely on the agency and are carefully forwarding with their love.

Kei moved to Palm Tree Island, which was established by Kim Junsu in January. She later appeared in musicals “Xcalibur – Seoul Encore” and “Death Note” with Kim Jun Soo. The two will also appear at the Palm Tree Island Gala concert in September.

The full statement of their agency Palm Tree Island is given below:

It’s Palm Tree Island.
We would like to inform you regarding the Kim Junsu and Kei’s romantic relationship report, which was reported today, is not true at all.
They are both senior and junior colleagues in the same industry, as well as the relationship between the CEO and his artists.
Kim Junsu and Kei’s romantic relationships are groundless, so please refrain from making unconfirmed and indiscriminate speculative articles.
Thank you.

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