Jaejoong Fined 100 Million Won After Tax Investigation, Agency Explains Why

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It was belatedly revealed that singer Jaejoong incurred an additional fine of 100 million Won [around $76,000] in an irregular tax investigation by the National Tax Service and paid it.

On March 9th, Jaejoong’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, sent a statement to Ilgan Sports and said, “At the time of the 2020 tax investigation, some of the profits generated from activities in Japan were omitted, resulting in additional taxes.”

Following is the complete C-Jes Entertainment statement:

During the tax investigation in 2020, some of the revenue generated from activities in Japan was omitted, resulting in additional taxes, and a tax payment of 100 million won was completed.

At that time, the tax on sales was reported and paid faithfully, but there was a time difference in the settlement process between Korea and Japan, and it was determined that some of the reported expenses were not related to the business, so the additional tax was paid immediately.

This was only due to the difference in tax law interpretation that distinguished cost expenditure between business and private, and there was no intention.


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