Singer Ben Announces The Birth Of Her First Child

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Singer Ben has welcomed her first child into the world.

On February 2nd, Ben said, “An angel was born. It’s really small, cute and precious. A lot of people asked me a lot if it were twins, but as you can see, the baby was really big compared to my body.”

In 2020, she first registered her marriage with Lee Wook, chairman of the W Foundation, and then she got married in June 2021. She announced her pregnancy in July of last year and gave birth to the child on February 1st.

Here is Ben’s full statement:

An angel was born.

He’s really small, cute, and precious.

A lot of people were asking if they were twins.

As you can see, the baby is really big compared to my body.

While I was recovering alone after having a baby, I missed my mom and cried because of the emotions I had for the first time. Above all, I couldn’t thank her more for being healthy and well. I’m also recovering well 🙂

Stay healthy and I’ll keep you updated!

Please pray for me.

Thank you to everyone.


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