Singer Baek A Yeon Personally Confirms Marriage Plans In Heartfelt Letter To Fans

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Singer Baek A Yeon has confirmed she’s getting married after rumors began circulating about it.

Previously on February 28, Baek A Yeon confirmed news reports that she’s dating a non-celebrity. The report mentioned she’s getting married on August 12. However, Baek A Yeon declined to say anything about the marriage, saying, When I am ready, I will convey the news myself.”

On March 2, the singer took to her Instagram to share this handwritten letter to fans,

Hello, this is Baek A Yeon.
I have something to tell everyone who has always supported me, so I’m writing this letter.
I think many of you were surprised by the sudden news of my marriage. I was also very surprised. As it is a significant moment in my life, I wanted to be careful and cautious in announcing it, but I feel sorry that the news was first heard through an article rather than my own words.
During my ten years as a singer Baek A Yeon, there have been many ups and downs. There were more happy moments, but there were also times when I felt anxious and struggled. Two winters ago, I met someone who reached out to me first and showed me kindness. This person has a warm heart and cares for me a lot, supports me in my music career more than anything. I thought I could promise a lifetime with this person, and we decided to start a new journey together.
I sincerely thank everyone who has always supported me with a consistent heart. I will prepare for the next album carefully and repay you with good music as much as you have waited for me.
Thank you.

Baek A Yeon appeared on SBS’s “K-Pop Star” in 2012 and entered the top three. Since then, she has signed an exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment and has been loved for songs such as “A Lot Like Love” and “so-so.”

Congratulations to Beak A Yeon!

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