‘Shotgun Wedding’ And ‘No Condom, No Sex,’ Trend In Korea Following EXO Chen Shocking Marriage And Baby News

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EXO Chen has shocked his fans all around the world after revealing that he’s getting married and has a baby on the way.

The 27-year-old idol thanked fans for always being there for him when announcing the news of his marriage. SM confirmed that he will welcome a baby to this world soon; however, since she’s a non-celebrity, they refused to reveal any additional details.

It is extremely rare for an idol as popular as Chen to come out with such shocking news at the height of his career. Aside from dominating the album charts with his group EXO, Chen is also a very successful solo artist; he debuted as a soloist in 2019 and amassed a huge fan base with his soothing voice.

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International EXO-Ls were mostly surprised but happy about the news; they congratulated the couple on their upcoming marriage. However, it is well known that Korean fans’ reaction to this will probably affect a lot of things going forward. So how are Korean EXO-Ls reacting to this news?

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Chen is currently the top trending news on Naver, with many of articles covering his marriage news topping the most read-articles for the day. In general, judging from the reaction button to naver articles, the reactions to this are pretty mixed. With some articles having more happy reactions than angry reactions, while others with the exact opposite.



We have taken four of the top Naver trending news articles about Chen’s marriage and will translate the top comments of them; here is how k-netizens reacted to the news:

Article 1:

“Ya, this is not it….”

“Jongdae you’re an EXO member… what about the other members?”

“Heol… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋpre-marital pregnancy.”

“In summary: his girlfriend got pregnant, thus they’re getting married.”

Article 2:

“To be honest, during their activities, what will happen to the other members… no military, not marriage or premarital pregnancy, as a human we should congratulate him but as an EXO member he deserves to be criticized.”

“I am taking my sister home; she’s been crying, it’s a mess.”

“Jongdae, cheer up, I love you.”

“Why didn’t you wear a condom?”

Article 3:

“It’s cool he’s taking responsibility? Taking responsibility is not ‘cool,’ it’s a given. I was surprised but anyways, congratulations.”

“It’s a pity about the timing, since he has to go to the army after getting his girl pregnant, it’s going to be tough on her for a while.”

“Can you please take my sister away? she’s crying like crazy, it’s a mess…”

Article 4:

“Even though I am another group fan, its still surprising reading the news, but if you were my singer, I would’ve collapsed, are you guys okay with being stabbed in the back?”

“Fans shock is not a joke right now…”

“Is that blessing a pregnancy?” [that was written before SM confirmed his fiancé is pregnant]

“She got pregnant, so you’re getting married.”

“It’s not cool to be responsible, but a given…”

On twitter it’s an even messier situation, many hashtags about Chen is topping Korea trends. Some of the hashtags are ‘shotgun wedding,’ ‘no condom, no sex,’ ‘what about the other members?’ and more.

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Some Korean EXO-Ls are happy for Chen while others are either upset or angry with him; many are disappointed in him for not using protection with his girlfriend.


What do you think of this situation?

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  1. I know! And the one’s that are like I had to take my sister home because she is crying. Its a mess…like dude he didn’t die or anything so calm down. If you are crying then they should be of joy. Chen found happiness!! Some fans really do believe that they own these singers. Hopefully Kpop continues to slowly change into a more postive way!

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