SHINee’s Minho To Release His First Solo Album In 14 Years Since Debut

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SHINee member Minho will present his first solo album 14 years after his debut.

An official from SM Entertainment, the singer’s agency, told NewsN, confirmed the news with a statement, “Minho is preparing for his first solo album with the goal of releasing it in December. We ask for your interest.

Minho has performed solo songs such as “I’m Home,” “Heartbreak,” Japanese solo songs “Romeo and Juliet,” and “Falling Free” through SM Station, but particularly this will be his first solo album in 14 years since his debut.

The anticipation for Minho’s first solo album is high since all the members of SHINee, including Key, Taemin, and Onew, have shown their respective music colors in their solo albums.

Are you excited for Minho’s first solo album?

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