SHINee Members Pay Tribute To Jonghyun And Shed Tears In First Concert Without Him

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The remaining four SHINee members held their first concert following the death of their lead singer Jonghyun.

The first performance of “SHINee World The Best 2018 ~From Now On” was held in Japan on February 17. SHINee met with fans for the first time in a while and paid tribute to the late Jonghyun.

At the show opening, the leader Onew said,

“It’s been a long time since we’ve last met you guys. So, I am nervous to be seeing you after a long time, we will try hard and do our best until the end.”

While Key added,

“We’ve been working hard for a short time we’ve had to prepare for this show. We may be lacking in some aspects, but we will do our best till the end, thank you everyone.”

They sang various performance of some of their popular songs, some in Japanese and Korean. They performed many songs such as “Juliette,” “Diamond Sky,” “To Your Heart,” and “Sherlock.”

Signs of Jonghyun could be seen throughout the concert run. It was like he was there on stage with them. He was seen in the VCRs that played on the screens on stage, its not an exaggeration to say that Jonghyun was with the four members throughout the show.

When the members performed “Love,” a ballad song, they kept Jonghyun’s part, so all of their voices could be heard. His voice was also present in the first live-performance of their newest Japanese song, Taemin introduced the song and said,

“This is our new song, all of us SHINee members sang together.”

When the concert came to an end. The four members left an empty spot were Jonghyun would normally stand, they gave their closing statements. The members and the audience were shedding tears, they opened up about Jonghyun and their first concert without him.

Taemin said,

“The memories of my time with Jonghyun hyung were precious to me. He’s like family to me, I won’t ever forget him and will always keep him in my heart. From now on, I will work hard to be a stronger Taemin, we will try to be stronger SHINee.”

Minho said,

“To be honest, I was very scared and terrified about tonight. But I was able to overcome that because I wasn’t alone. We’re here with all of you. We hope to keep coming together as five to every stage from now on.

Will you promise us one thing? Please keep your memory of Jonghyun alive forever. I can’t put it in words, just how much he was precious to us.

Our time today with all of you was precious, thank you very much, you are our hope.”

SHINee will be holding their “SHINee World The Best 2018 ~From Now On” tour from February 17 to 27 in Japan.

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My Reaction

It still hurts! It still deeply hurts and when I thought I was doing well, I see another video or his picture and remember all that happened again.

Writing this article was very difficult. I could only imagine how difficult it has been to SHINee members who had to carry out their first concert without him. Huge props to them for showing up, dancing, singing, putting on an amazing show and keeping Jonghyun memory alive throughout the entire concert.

Those last lines by Minho made me weep, I just don’t know what to say more, may his soul rest in peace! He was too young, a talented amazing singer, son and friend lost his life to depression….

You did well Jonghyun![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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  1. Me Too was deeply moved by Minho’s words , it’s agony and overwhelming, losing jonghyun was unbearable and unfortunate , I respect what they did during the concert by keeping his spot and so , I respect all their work it’s not easy but they stood tall , just like Jonghyun before he dies he finished his album and mv , they are all remarkable, dutiful and respectable and I wish them all the best and I wish peace to Jonghyun ..thank you for this article so much .

  2. El escándalo de acoso sexual de Onew de SHINee y la muerte de Jonghyun Onew estuvo involucrado en una fuerte polémica de acoso sexual, después de lo cual algunos Shawols exigieron que abandonara el grupo debido a sus acciones.

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