SF9’s Dawon And Hwiyoung Test Positive For COVID-19

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After coming into contact with a confirmed case, FNC stated that SF9’s Dawon and Hwiyoung have been diagnosed with the virus.

On October 14, FNC Entertainment released a statement to announce that SF9’s Dawon and Hwiyoung tested positive for the virus. The idols came in contact with a confirmed case recently. They decided to get tested and the results came out positive. FNC stated that the other members have tested negative. FNC is waiting on results to determine whether the members will be classified as close contact or not because if they are, they must self-quarantine.

SF9’s Dawon and Hwiyoung will be self-quarantining and taking measures as set by the disease control authorities.

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FNC promised to comply with the requests and guidelines of disease control authorities and put their artists’ health as their priority.

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