Seungri Told A Group Chat Member To Change His Phones After First Report Broke Out

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MBC “Newsdesk” has released a new shocking report.

On March 28 episode of MBC “Newsdesk,” the program revealed that there were a total of 14 men in the group chat rooms, 8 of which were singers. So far, only four of the singers’ identity is known to the public.

According to the show, six members of the controversial chatrooms submitted brand new phones to the police.  MBC received a police investigation report that states the group chatroom members had changed their phones.

The last message sent to the chat room was,

“We’re in trouble. Change your phones.”

It is unknown who sent that message.

While Seungri’s sent this message to Choi Jong Hoon,

“Change your phone.”

The first report of the controversial chat rooms was revealed on March 11, it seems that they had discussed switching their phones after the first report broke out.

It was also revealed that Jung Joon Young had gotten rid of his phone back in the states when he was filming for a variety show after the news broke out. He was told by Mr. Park, a member of the chat room, to change his phone.

Upon his return, he claimed he submitted all of his phones to the police but he is suspected of having gotten rid of the phone that contained recently filmed illegally taken footage.

This answers the question of why police have been investigating chatroom conversations between 2015 and 2016. This is because the members of the chatroom are suspected of having conspired to destroy evidence.

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