[BREAKING] Seungri Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison After Being Found Guilty On All 9 Charges + To Be Jailed Immediately

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Former BIGBANG member Seungri has been sentenced to prison.

On August 12, the sentencing trial was held at the military court for Seungri. He was indicted on all nine charges which are violation of the Act on the Aggravated Punishment, etc. of Specific Economic Crimes, violation of the Food Sanitation Act, embezzlement, violation of the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment, etc. of Sexual Crimes, habitual gambling, violation of the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act, prostitution mediation, purchase of prostitution services, and special violence instigation.

At the sentencing trial, Seungri was sentenced to three years in prison and was also fined 1,156,900,000 won (approximately $994,544). Not only that but his personal information will also be registered in the national registry for the violation of the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment, etc. of Sexual Crimes.

The court commented on the sentencing regarding the prostitution mediation charges stating that Seungri conspired with Yoo In Suk to mediate prostitution for foreign investors on several occasions and gained profits from that, adding,

“His crime that commercialized sex have a large negative influence on society.

Up until the court hearing, he denied most of the charges and showed no remorse.”

The court also noted that he kept changing his testimonies in between police investigation, prosecution investigation, and at court rendering his credibility low in the eyes of the court.

Seungri had previously vehemently denied all charges aside from the violation of the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act, the former idol has been found guilty on all the charges.

The prosecution had previously requested a five-year sentence.

The court also considers Seungri a potential flight risk and thus, he was immediately arrested at court on August 12. Seungri had been serving in the military and undergoing his trial at the same time. He was set to be done with his service in mid-September, he will now be discharged from the military due to his sentence.

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