Seungri Denies Allegations Of Illegal Gambling And soliciting prostitution, Says He Was ‘Bluffing, Lying And Showing Off’ 

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For the first time since serious allegations against Seungri surfaced and led to a police investigation, he speaks up in his own defense. 

Seungri spoke to media outlet Sisa Journal through the phone, in his interview he denied Illegal Gambling overseas, his alleged connections to the police and soliciting prostitution. 


The interview was done through his lawyer Son Byung Ho. 

He says everything began with the Kakaotalk chatrooms and says they wrote down ‘police chief’ because they were bluffing and showing off without paying much attention.  

Regarding the ‘police chief’ word mentioned in one of the chatrooms where he says ‘he has my back,’ Seungri says it contained a typo (as there three similar phrases in the Korean language.  

Seungri says, 

“All these things made the public opinion points that I am involved in tax evasion and police collusion. 

Honestly, even the investigation agency thinks that the contents of the kakao talk are all facts and evidence. I am afraid that I won’t be judged fairly because I am a celebrity.  

Because I feel sorry for the citizens of Korea, aren’t I in a position where I cannot appeal or argue against unfairness? 

Finally, to add one more thing, there was no overseas gambling or prostitution services.” 


Sisa Journal had originally revealed messages showing Seungri and A engaging in habitual gambling overseasSeungri responded to this report saying, 

“When I said that I earned that money during that time I was bluffing and lying. I wanted to brag and said things that weren’t true.” 

He also says A didn’t even see him gambling nor was with him. When asked more about A he referred to him as a ‘scammer.’ 

Sisa Journal had also met with his lawyer on the same day, the lawyer further explained Seungri’s conversations with A that points to prostitution. They had discussed whom they should bring together with them to their trip to IndonesiaSeungri showed him profiles of women and compared them to each other asking A to choose a woman.  


The lawyer explains that A had requested Seungri introduce him to a woman who can come with them to their trip as if she was his wife or girlfriend. The lawyer says they both went to Indonesia without any company.  

Seungri had also told Sisa Journal, 

“I was in the wrong. I shouldn’t have hung out with these guys and done those things.” 

What do you think of what he said? Do you still support Seungri? 

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