Seungri Booked On Additional Charges Of Distributing Illegally Taken Footage, Here Is What He Admitted To

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Former BIGBANG member Seungri has been booked on new charges as confirmed by representatives from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Station.

During a press conference held on March 28, the representatives confirmed that he was booked on charges of distributing illegally taken sexual photos to social network chat rooms.

After the police confirmed he had posted a photo to a chat room he was booked for the additional charges.

This adds to what he’s already been booked for previously, he was booked on suspicion of prostitution mediation and other related actions to Burning Sun club.

Meanwhile, Jung Joon Young who was arrested for the filming and sharing of hidden camera videos will be facing trial for a total of 11 cases of what he’s been charged with. Police confirmed he was also booked for three cases recently adding to the existing eight cases.

In a following report by police, a source clarified what Seungri admitted to. According to the police source, Seungri admitted that he spread illegally taken footage but argues that he didn’t film the footage himself; he had only spread it after receiving it from someone else.

The footage was sent to the controversial chatroom of Seungri and another chat room as well.

Police are currently investigating who shot the illegally taken footage and who has seen it as well.

Stay tuned for updates!

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