Seungri Accused Of Habitual Gambling Overseas, Plus Further Evidence Of Providing Escort Services

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The issues around Seungri are rising into new levels!

On March 14, media outlet Sisa Journal reported messages that showed evidence of Seungri engaging in habitual gambling abroad. In chat logs with a person identified as CEO A, he discusses gambling abroad.

The media outlet revealed the chat log, CEO A is a business partner Seungri had known since 2014, in the conversations, the two discuss how much money they won from gambling.

Seungri: I won 200 million won (~176,000), you can also win big.

A: Yes, okay ~^^ I only need to win enough to cover my travelling expenses. when are you leaving L.A? [going to] Shanghai? Japan?”

Seungri : which hotel will you be staying at? I am returning to Korea around 11 p.m. today, and will depart to Japan right away.

Seungri then sends ‘A’ a photo of the money he won.

A: great. I am at ARIA. How will you bring the money?

Seungri: oh, I come here often, so I leave it in a ‘save bank.’ I decided to only use the money I win in Vegas. If you get bored, you can go to Cosmopolitan, I’ll introduce you to my host. I really like their service; they also provide a lot of gambling benefits and discounts there.

If you’re asking what’s wrong with gambling and why its being considered an issue, that’s because it relates to South Korea’s nationality principle. The principle can hold Koreans accountable for gambling overseas even if it’s done at a country where it’s legal.

What’s more shocking than the gambling allegations are the continuous allegations tiding him to providing escort services. In another chat log between Seungri and A, they discuss the profiles of various women (age, jobs, personalities, etc.), it seems they’re planning to bring them to a trip to Indonesia.

This report reveals Seungri himself presenting the photos and the information and discussing which girl would be best, he asks A to choose a woman among them.

Seungri says: No.1 doesn’t talk a lot and she likes money a bit too much. She is not that charming when getting drinks together, but she looks great. No.3… she has great visuals and is cheerful; she is also good and fun to drink out with. She does have one flaw; she is a mess when she’s drunk.

Seungri eventually reaches to the conclusion that woman No.3 is the best choice because she has a bubbly personality.

A asks him about No. 5,2 and 4 and which one they should meet up with, Seungri tells him ‘No.5 is good too.’

Seungri arrived earlier today at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency to go under further questioning for charges relating to violating the law punishment of prostitution, this is the second time he attends questioning.

He also apologized once again briefly to the media outlets that awaited him outside. Check the video below:

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The chat logs are still not confirmed by Seungri himself, for now they remain allegations but they add to the original suspicions revolving around providing prostitute services to possible foreign investors.

Stay tuned for updates!

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  1. Lol Seungri is totally done for. He definitely is going to prison. Let’s get justice for the victims while he rots in a cell.

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