Seolhyun Leaves FNC After 10 Years, Rumored To Be Joining Jun Ji Hyun’s Agency + Fans Wonder About AOA’s Future

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Seolhyun has departed FNC, her agency of 10 years.

On October 20, FNC Entertainment released an official statement to announce the news. They stated that after long discussions with Seolhyun, they have agreed to end the management contract. They conveyed their gratitude to Seolhyun for trusting them and being with them for 10 years and thanked fans too. They asked for fans to continue supporting Seolhyun’s future activities as she prepares to make a new start.

Seolhyun debuted in AOA in 2012 and has since become one of the biggest kpop idols, she’s been active as an actress recently and has appeared in many kdramas across the years including “Orange Marmalade,” “Awaken,” “The Killer’s Shopping List,” and more.

She’s currently preparing for the premiere of her upcoming drama with Im Siwan titled “I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything.”

Later, it was reported that Seolhyun had met with Jun Ji Hyun’s agency to sign on as an actress. In response to the reports, a source from the agency told news outlets that its true they have met Seolhyun and discussed an exclusive contract. They added, “We hope to deliver good news in the future.”

The news has fans wondering about the future of AOA. There are only two remaining members of AOA in FNC and FNC has avoided addressing the future of the group in each statement revealing a past member departure. Some wonder if the departure of Seolhyun signals the unofficial disbandment of the group.

Stay tuned for more updates on Seolhyun.

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