Influencer Seo Min Jae Accuses Nam Tae Hyun Of Drug Use And Physical Assault, Police To Investigate Allegations + She Issues Statement Taking Back The Allegations

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Influencer Seo Min Jae and Nam Tae Hyun are the center of attention right now in South Korea, this follows the string of incoherent posts by Seo Min Jae accusing Nam Tae Hyun of numerous things.

On August 20, Seo Min Jae took to her Instagram to post a selfie with Nam Tae Hyun and numerous other posts accusing him of using methamphetamine. She wrote, “Nam Tae Hyun does philopon (the brand name for methamphetamine in East Asian countries). His syringe is either in my room or in my office cabinet. He also hit me.”

She would delete the posts and re-post them again but the Korean used was filled with spelling mistakes and it was difficult to understand. Soon, netizens began reporting the issue to police worried about her well-being. Some wondered if her account was hacked or whether she was in danger or whether she could have been allegedly high on drugs.

She then uploaded posts again this time calling herself and him ‘druggies,’ and saying the syringes are in the cabinet in her office, she said, ‘they beat me up,’ ‘I have recordings,’ ‘it was love back then,’ and more.

Soon after the Instagram posts went viral, Nam Tae Hyun’s agency issued an initial statement to explain they’re on their way to meet him and verify the facts. It has almost been 24 hours since then and the agency has not yet released a follow-up statement on the situation.

On August 21, police got involved and the Seoul Yongsan Police station told news outlets they have begun investigating Nam Tae Hyun’s suspicions of meth use.

In an effort to do damage control, Seo Min Jae took to Instagram on August 21 to take back the allegations she made against him.

She says they’re dating and had a quarrel, she writes, “First of all, yesterday, there was a quarrel with my lover over things we both have done wrong. At the time, I had taken more psychiatric medications than whats appropriate due to the stress and I was in a state of loss of reason to the point that I don’t recall what exactly happened as of now. Thats why I sometimes upload irrelevant posts and sometimes get hurt because of my mistakes. I am currently in the hospital…. We have reconciled with each other. I am sorry for causing concern to many people.”

Seo Min Jae was a contestant on “Heart Signal 3” and also runs a cafe with Nam Tae Hyun who debuted as a member of WINNER in 2014 but left in 2016. He’s currently a member of South Club.

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