Famous OG Idol Exposed For Violating Social Distancing Regulations, YG Issues An Apology On His Behalf

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Famous OG idol SECHSKIES’s Eun Ji Won is under fire for violating COVID-19 social distancing regulations.

On August 20, one media outlet reported that Eun Ji Won met five people in a café in Jeju Island on August 15. According to the report, his manager didn’t allow people to take photos of him.

In case you’re not aware why this is a problem, currently, social distancing regulations of non-metropolitan ban private gatherings of more than five people. The COVID-19 situation in South Korea has gotten worse and the government has tightened restrictions.

In response to the reports, Eun Ji Won’s agency YG Entertainment has released an apology for his mistake. YG says Eun Ji Won is currently deeply reflecting on his mistakes, they also added that they’re aware that one of their artists had violated social distancing rules.

YG ended their statement promising to do better to ensure their artists practice personal hygiene rules and social distancing more thoroughly.

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