Sechskies’ Sunghoon Involved Multitude of Controversies Related To His Fan Club And Its Events

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Veteran YG Entertainment Idol Sechskies’ Sunghoon is having a bad bad day and for a multitude of reasons.

Starting with the dating rumors.

On September 11, the veteran idol was reportedly dating a fan site master of his fan club “Hoony World.”

Some fans claim the woman (hereafter referred to as ‘A’) has been following him around everywhere and they had even shared a hotel room together.

What makes matter worse is that his alleged girlfriend had previously received hate for selling good of the idol without giving back to fans as promised. According to them, the goods weren’t given to them and they weren’t able to get their money back.

The rumors aroused after fans noticed a woman in Kang Sung Hoon’s hotel room as he was doing a live SNS broadcast to communicate with fans. Fans noticed the woman and claimed she was ‘A’ the moderator of his solo fan club ‘Hoony World.’

However, Kang Sung Hoon’s shut down those rumors with a post to his fan café addressed to his fans, he said,

“Rumors are only rumors. I don’t think I need to say anymore.”

He was also embroiled in controversy because of his canceled Taiwanese fan meeting which was also organized by his fan club ‘Hoony World’ and local organizers.

The local organizers are claiming he ‘one-sidedly canceled’ the event and even said they were thinking of filing a lawsuit, fans said the tickets were not refunded properly. ‘Hoony World’ replied to the reports with a statement to media outlets,

“The overseas company is solely responsible for providing travel visa but they kept demanding a copy of his contract with YG Entertainment claiming it was necessary for the visa process. They dodged responsibility and cut off all contacts ultimately.”

Kang Sung Hoon also addressed that canceled fan meeting in the same fan café post, he said,

“We tried so hard to make it happen for the past three months, I am very sorry for the cancellation.”

He also explains that the Taiwan organizers are lying and thus his visa was rejected by the government, he told fans that he’s working on resolving the issue and will let them know as soon as possible.

Not only that, but his fan club ‘Hoony world’ accused of embezzlement of approximately 100,000,000 won (approx. $89,000 USD).

‘Hoony world’ held fan donation for a video screening event to raise funds and they collected approx. 100,000,000 won, fans argue that the fan club never specified where these funds were used.

YG Entertainment stepped up to issue a statement saying,

“We express our deep regret on the unfortunate incident of Kang Sung Hoon’s solo fan meeting. He has handled his fan meetings solely until now. However, YG is now looking closely into all matters. We will work to resolve the issues as soon as possible so no one is harmed.”

Kang Sung Hoon concluded his post to his fan café saying,

“We have to all discuss this issue, so please leave your comments here and tell me what you want. Give oppa time to read through your comments and think it through.”

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