SBS Reports OMEGA X’s Flight Back To South Korea Was Canceled Amid Controversy Against Their CEO, CEO Says She ‘Usually Treats Them Nicely’

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More news coming out about OMEGA X are angering fans.

On October 24, SBS came out with an exclusive report that says the group members, which were originally scheduled to fly back to Korea, canceled their reservation after the allegations of abuse went viral.

On October 23, one fan took to Twitter to share what they allege to have witnessed in Los Angeles while attending the group’s concert. The fan alleges the CEO was hitting and yelling at the members outside.

The fan says they saw the CEO doing so outside and were horrified to hear it. The fan also posted an audio recording of what could be the CEO of OMEGA X yelling at the members and seemingly hitting them too.

The agency ended up issuing an apology and claiming it was all a misunderstanding that has since been resolved. The apology was poorly received by the majority of the fandom.

And the new report by SBS has continued to shed light on the situation. The report alleges the other staff members have boarded the said flight but the members haven’t.

In a phone interview with the CEO of OMEGA X’s agency Spire Entertainment, he said,

We were discussing cancellation three days ago because the seats on the plane for the members could be mixed with fans. It is not true that the members were left stranded in the United State.

It is a one-sided claim spread by anti-fans about the company,.

I also had a hard time because I stayed up all night for a few days, but I was sad that the members didn’t comfort me and acknowledge me. However, I am usually polite and treat our members respectfully.”

His statement has also since been heavily criticized by fans who didn’t take lightly to him trying to frame the concerned fans’ accounts as ‘anti-fans’ who hate the company for some reason.

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