Sasaeng Follows TWICE Car Forcing Them To End Live Broadcast- The Dark Side Of Being A Kpop Idol

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TWICE had to deal with a very unpleasant situation recently!

On November 17, TWICE Momo and Dahyun held an impromptu broadcast on V Live, they greeted fans on their way back from their concert in Miyagi, Japan.

Their first attempt to start the live session wasn’t successful due to bad connection but the girls were determined to greet fans so they tried again and were successful. For about 5 minutes, the girls chatted with fans until someone inside their van notified them about a sasaeng following them,

“They followed us.”

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Momo and Dahyun were both surprised and looked out the window to see for them, the same person explained that because they turned on the lights while doing their broadcast the sasaeng was able to tail them down easily.

Dahyun then said,

“I think we have to go.”

Momo polietly added,

“Please don’t follow us.”

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This is one rare instance; fans usually don’t get the chance to see this side of the idol life like this caught on camera. The video towards the end sent chills down their spines knowing well that sasaengs (so-called obsessive fans) would rather follow idols around than to mind their business like regular people.

You can check out the video here.

Fans demand JYP to take strict measures to ensure the girls are safe.

What do you think of this?

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