BREAKING: Singer Sam Kim’s Father Shot And Killed In An Attempted Robbery In The United States

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Singer Sam Kim’s father was killed in a shooting in the United States.

According to Seattle Korean News on January 26th, Sam Kim’s father Mr. Kim was shot and killed by robbers located in the southern area of ​​Seattle, Washington, USA at 8:30 pm on January 13th (local time). At the time, the robbers were known to have broken into a restaurant run by Mr. Kim.

Sam Kim’s father’s funeral was held on January 24th, and about 200 people attended the funeral, including the Consul General in Seattle and the president of the Seattle Korean Association.

At his funeral, Sam Kim is said to have dedicated the song ‘Don’t Worry’, which he wrote for his mother.

Sam Kim’s agency, Antenna, told Ilgan Sports, “We would appreciate it if you would pray for condolences so that they can be conveyed deeply. May he rest in peace.”

Our deepest condolences to Sam Kim. May his father rest in peace.


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