Running Man’s Jeon So Min Family Revealed To Be Struggling From Hateful Malicious Comments By International Fans

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Jeon So Min’s Brother has revealed that his family has been suffering from malicious comments sent by Korean and international “Running Man” fans.

Jeon So Min is currently taking a hiatus from “Running Man” due to severe fatigue. Her brother has recently posted to social media to reveal that the family has been struggling with these malicious comments for a while now. She’s reportedly getting hate because she wasn’t a member of the original “Running Man” lineup.

On April 13, her brother shared a story to his Instagram, he captioned,

“I get many of these.”

 The negative message include,

“Jeon So Min get out of running man,”

“The day she appeared on running man was the day your whole family was cursed,”

“Either kick jeon so min out of running man or her family should constantly be cursed,” and worse.

Jeon So Min’s fans are furious to learn that her family is also getting hate for the most ridiculous reasons; they can’t believe her family is also being harassed online because of her occupation.

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What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. Ah, people are soooo hateful! She is great on the show, and, I think it is fine for her to take time off. My goodness, everyone else takes time off! What is wrong with these people? Wow. They are not called fans, but bullies and stalkers. Get a life people!

    1. I agree with you , to the people who hates somin just stfu ! If u don’t like her , then don’t watch , are u dumb ? Some notes for her hater : go die. Thank you ❤️. To her fans , I hope u guys will keep supporting and keep liking her ✨. To somin , I love you unnie~ get well soon

  2. At first, I didn’t understand why people don’t like SoMin, but now that I’ve been watching the previous episodes where she just joined, I see now why she’s getting hate comments. She is downright annoying, and she takes everything seriously. Old members have also been competing against each other but it’s different with her. She seriously brings people down and plays dirty that even the members don’t trust her. Also, she is a big time attention-seeker. Se Chan also has this habit of pitting other members against each other, putting Kwang Soo in a bad position.

  3. Ah yes! Finding someone annoying justifies leaving thousands of hateful comments for the person online, cursing their families and driving them into a corner. Its amazing that people still think like you after witnessing all the deaths in the industry caused by mental health issues associated with cyber bullying.

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