Rumors Of YoonA Plastic Surgery Sparked Following Her Appearance On A Variety Show

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Girls’ Generation YoonA recently made an appearance at as a special MC on SBS “My Ugly Duckling.” She became the youngest special MC to appear on the show.

YoonA is known for her beauty and elegance. However, some netizens believe there is something off with her appearance at yesterday’s “My Ugly Duckling” episode.

Some netizens believe she had gone under the knife to fix parts of her face, many pointed out she looked different and might have got something done on her forehead.

Others thought there was something off about her face but they couldn’t tell what is was.

Netizens had a wide range of reactions from those who believe she’s gone under the knife recently to others who think she didn’t.

There are also many netizens who pointed out this was her face and her life, and that she can do whatever she wants to do with her face.

Here are some of their comments,

[+1,427, -189] It’s not because of the lighting.. she obviously looks different

[+789, -96] I was surprised… she couldn’t even laugh because her muscles weren’t moving

[+508, -98] She got plastic surgery

[+402, -19] She’s always gotten plastic surgery. I just think on this day, whatever procedure she got wasn’t finished healing yet which made her look worse.

[+144, -13] Her face looks shorter, her eyes look redone, and fillers in her forehead and nose

[+161, -89] She’s pretty but something about the lighting and her make up just looked off, especially since she has no fat on her face

[+45, -23] I think she got fillers done but her skin is so thin that it made her look unnatural. Her eyes looked sharper too, like she got double eyelid surgery.

[+497, -68] She does look a bit different but I’m sure it was just a procedure and not surgery

[+332, -119] It’s the media making up plastic surgery rumors

[+161, -89] She’s pretty but something about the lighting and her make up just looked off, especially since she has no fat on her face

Here is a video of her appearance on the show:

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Picture from 2018
Picture from 2019

Do you agree with netizens or not?

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  1. Hard to make any conclusions. She is pouting her lips (which looks like going to kiss someone). That makes her cheeks narrower. I’d need to see more pics. But based on this pic alone, you CAN’T make a conclusion she did any PS.

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