Rumors Fly That NU’EST Minhyun Might Also Be Infected With The Coronavirus Because He Visited Milan, Pledis Denies In An Official Statement

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False rumors have been circulating around claiming that NU’EST Minhyun might be infected with the coronavirus after it was confirmed that two of Chungha’s staff members tested positive for the virus.

Chungha had visited Italy recently and one of her staff members showed symptoms and later tested positive, another staff member also tested positive for the virus. Chungha and the rest tested negative but are currently in self-imposed isolation.

Many idols and actors attended the fashion week in Milan a week ago including NU’EST Minhyun. Rumors about him possibly getting infected began to spread, his agency Pledis Entertainment issued an official response denying the rumors assuring fans that he and his staff member aren’t infected with the virus.

Pledis stated,

“The rumor that Minhyun is infected with Corona is not true at all. None of the staff members at the Milano Fashion Week were infected with the Coronavirus.”

Fans are glad that the agency stopped the rumors from spreading even more by issuing a statement.

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