Rookie Group MCND Apologies For Lip Syncing Chris Brown’s “Freaky Friday” That Features The N-Word Heavily

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Rookie boy Group MCND is under fire after a performance of Chris Brown’s “Freaky Friday” spread online.

A fancam of the boy group dancing and lip syncing to Freaky Friday spread fast earlier today on twitter shocking the international kpop community, the boys danced and lip-synced the controversial song that had lyrics such as,

 “Wonder if I can say the n-word (wait for real?), Wait, can I really say the n-word? What up, my n*? (woo), What up, my n*?, Big ups, my n*, we up, my n*”

Fans thought it was shocking that the Korean boy group outwardly sing the N word like that. This led to heavy backlash and soon MCND’s agency was made aware of the situation, they issued an apology to twitter that reads,

“It was brought to our attention that a performance by MCND prior to their debut had an instance where the members appeared to say an inappropriate and insensitive word.

We sincerely apologize to anyone who may have been offended and we’ve taken the necessary actions to remove any related footage from our social media channels.

We take these matters very seriously and have taken the necessary steps to educate our staff and members to be more sensitive and culturally aware.”

The performance actually happened in 2019 when the group still hadn’t debuted yet. They were introduced and performed some covers during that event.

MCND is TOP Media’s newest boy group; they debuted in February with the single “Ice Age.”

Check the clip of the performance below:

What do you think of this?

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    1. There company was the one who picked the song plus not all groups have the freedom to apologize as they wish TOP MEDIA could have not let them.

  1. For people saying they should apologize, they’re rookies it might be best for the agency too, the agency might’ve not let them, and I guess since they are Korean they aren’t too woke on the controversy within the word anyways it was wrong and I’m sure they are sorry

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