Rookie Group Busters Agency Wrapped Up In Another Controversy, Heavily Criticized For Recent V Live Broadcast

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Rookie Girl Group Busters is worrying netizens even more!

Busters were previously involved in a controversy surrounding the way a member of the group was treated on a kids’ show, the show eventually apologized, but their agency was heavily criticized for allowing Busters Chaeyeon to undergo such a situation live on TV.

The agency, JTG Entertainment, is under fire again and this time it’s about the way a recent group V Live was conducted.

On December 17, Busters held a special Christmas event hosted by a cake company. Fans found many issues with the live broadcast and they didn’t hesitate to express that on social media.

Busters were joined by two YouTubers who became the MCs for the event, but for those who watched, they pointed out how uncomfortable the two YouTubers were during the entire chaotic broadcast.

Aside from the fact that the broadcast seems to be poorly conducted, with many conversations happening all at the same time, fans were furious because of the awkward seating arrangements, this might not make sense for international fans.

So to explain it as briefly as possible, netizens pointed out that the seating arrangements are very similar to that of a ‘hostess bar,’ the adult YouTubers were seated very close in between those members and it obviously made netizens uncomfortable. That’s not how MCs are usually seated when interviewing idols.

Fans noticed how hard the girls tried not to bump into those men. Aside from that, the outfits chosen for the girls are very uncomfortable. The outfits are too short and no one even bothered to provide them blankets to cover their legs while they were seated.

It’s important to point out that most of Busters members are minors. There are three middle schoolers, one first-year high schooler, and one third-year high schooler which makes the entire situation even more awkward.

Netizens heavily criticized the company for not looking out for Busters; many are calling for stricter regulations for companies who deal with idols who are minors. JTG Entertainment seems to be aware of the situation, they even cut the portion of the broadcast with the YouTubers but fans had already captured videos of that live broadcast and spread it online to bring awareness about the situation.

You can check out the live broadcast here.

What do you think of this situation?

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