Rock Band Nell Vocalist Kim Jong Wan’s Older Brother Passed Away Today

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Rock band Nell member Kim Jong Wan’s older brother has passed away today.

Kim Jong Wan’s older brother, identified only by his surname Kim, passed away on February 14. His agency SpaceBohemian told Xports News, “The funeral will be held quietly with the family.”

The deceased is known to have suffered from a chronic disease since last year, and the funeral will be held on February 16.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong Wan’s mother also passed away in October last year. At that time, Kim Jong Wan showed tears on the stage of the “2022 Busan International Rock Festival” shortly after the funeral.

The agency said, “We plan to continue with his performance to keep our promise with the organizers who have prepared for the event for a long time and fans who have already purchased tickets. This is also Kim Jong Wan’s own will.”

Our deepest condolences to him and his family!

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