RM Achieves His Personal Best Record As Solo Album “Indigo” And “Wild Flower” Debuts In Billboard 200 And Hot 100 Chart

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The global superstar group BTS member RM has entered the two main charts of the U.S. Billboard at the same time with his first official solo album “Indigo” and the title song “Wild Flower.”

According to Billboard Twitter on December 12, “Indigo,” released by RM on December 2, entered 15th place on the Billboard main album chart “Billboard 200.” The title song featuring the musical band “Cherry Filter” vocalist Youjeen, “Wild Flower” debuted at 83rd place on the main single chart “Hot 100.”

This is the second time that RM, who has reached the top of the “Billboard 200” six times as a member of BTS, has entered the “Billboard 200” as a soloist. “Mono.” released in October 2018, ranked 26th on the “Billboard 200.” In other words, “Indigo” is the highest record of RM personally in the chart itself.

BTS’s other members also entered the chart as soloists. Suga’s mixtape “D-2” under the stage name “Agust D” ranked 11th, while J-Hope’s first full-length solo album “Jack In The Box” and mixed tapes “Hope World” ranked 17th and 38th.

In addition, RM also topped the “Hot 100” six times as a BTS member, but this is the first time he has entered the “Hot 100” as a solo artist. Youjeen also entered the “Hot 100” for the first time this time.

Six of the BTS members entered the “Hot 100” as solo artists. J-Hope was ranked 81st on “Hot 100” with “Chicken Noodle Soup” in collaboration with American singer and actor Becky G, for “Jack In The Box” which had two title songs, the pre-released song “MORE” was 82nd, and “Arson” on 96th.

Agust D ranked 76th with the title song “Daechwita” of “D-2”, 29th with the song “Girl of My Dreams” from the late American rapper Juice WRLD’s album “Fighting Demons”, and 80th with “That’ That” with PSY.

V ranked 79th with the SBS TV drama “Our Beloved Summer” OST “Christmas Tree.” Jungkook ranked 95th with the HYBE original webtoon OST “Stay Alive” and 22nd with “Left & Right” in collaboration with American singer-songwriter and producer Charlie Puth. Jin was ranked 51st with “The Astronaut” in collaboration with the Brit-pop band “Coldplay” as his first official solo single.

Including solo songs from the BTS album rather than solo songs, all seven members of the BTS have been on the “Hot 100”

Jungkook’s solo song “My Time” and Jimin’s solo song “Filter,” which were included in BTS’s fourth full-length album “Map Of The Soul: 7” released in February 2020, ranked 84th and 87th, respectively.

RM is the fifth K-pop singer to enter Billboard 200 and Hot 100 simultaneously through the group and as a soloist. Earlier, BTS, Suga, BLACKPINK, and J-hope have acclaimed the record. He is the third Korean solo artist after teammates Suga and J-hope.

RM did well on the Billboard chart this week. “Wild Flower” viewing topped the list of top-selling songs and digital song sales, respectively.

Earlier, “Indigo” ranked 45th on the UK’s official album chart “Top 100,” which is known as the world’s top two charts along with the Billboard chart.

What’s your favorite song from RM’s “Indigo”?

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