Red Velvet Yeri Shares Her New Year’s Resolutions And Working On Upcoming High School Drama In Newly Released Interview

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Red Velvet Yeri has shared her new year goals, working on an upcoming drama “Cheongdam International High School” in an interview with Allure Korea.

Red Velvet Yeri on the Allure Korea magazine cover with lovely visuals.

Yeri was selected as a cover model for the January issue of fashion lifestyle magazine Allure Korea, completing a pictorial in which her lively and chic sides coexist.

In particular, Yeri, born in 1999, celebrated the year of the rabbit in 2023, presented a variety of looks with kitsch props and costumes reminiscent of rabbits, and gave customized charm to each look from innocent smiles to her seductive eyes, drawing attention.

In addition, in a subsequent interview following the photo shoot, Yeri shared her 2023 resolutions, saying,

“My goal in 2022 is to work hard and continue to do well as I’m doing now. I hope 2023 becomes a little better year as I look back and consider the things I should improve on. My year has finally come. In the new year, I want to hear ‘Yeri, you’re amazing.’”

In addition, Yeri also mentioned her upcoming drama “Cheongdam International High School,” which is scheduled to air in 2023, and raising expectations for the work, she said,

“Je Na(her character in the drama) is the opposite of my personality. This is one of the works that require a lot of thought and practice, and I’m still continuing to do it. My goal is to work hard and do well.”

Doesn’t she look stunning in this pictorial?

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