Red Velvet Wendy Breaks Down In Tears Performing In Her Hometown

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Red Velvet Wendy was emotional performing for the first time in her hometown, Toronto.

Red Velvet toured America and are touring Canada as well as part of their “Redmare” tour. This is their first time performing in Toronto.

Towards the end of the concert Wendy took time to deliver a small speech, in her speech she talked about how she felt performing for the first time in her hometown, she said,

“I really can’t believe it’s happening. First time I heard there will be US tour, I couldn’t believe it. Then when I heard there’s going to be a Canada tour, I couldn’t believe it. I still couldn’t believe it now. I don’t think I can forget today because everyone that I love is here. My family’s here, one of my teacher’s here. I see all my friends there, and our fans ReVeLuv is here. My members here. Our staffs here. Everyone is here tonight. I am really overwhelmed right now. I don’t know what to say. I was a little girl studying here and I became a singer coming here to perform for you guys. Oh my god. I feel like I’m dreaming right now. I’m pretty sure this would be the start and there will be more chances to come back home and perform for you guys. Thank you for making an unforgettable memorable memory for me. And thank you for enjoying the concert with us.”

The members also talked about how they felt when they first saw Wendy, all of the members were tearing up when she delivered her speech.

Fans also cried hearing Wendy’s speech!

Check out the speech below:

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You did well guys!

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