Seulgi Opens About Working On Her Solo Album, Support From Her Bandmates And More At The Press Conference For “28 Reasons”

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Red Velevt’s Seulgi has shared her thoughts about working on her solo album “28 Reasons,” support from her bandmates and more at the press conference of her solo album.

On October 4, an online press conference was held on Red Velvet’s official YouTube channel to commemorate the release of Seulgi’s first solo, “28 Reasons.”

The conference was held with Red Velvet’s Wendy, as an MC along with the title song “28 Reasons” music video, listening to the highlights of the tracks, and a Q&A session with the reporter.

The album “28 Reasons” is the first solo album by Red Velvet Seulgi, who debuted with “Happiness” alongside her group in August 2014.

This album captures Seulgi’s music world, who has been attracting attention through various activities such as with the group Red Velvet, Red Velvet-Irene & Seulgi collaborative works such as “GOT the beat,” and OSTs for more than eight years since her debut.

Seulgi revealed the reason why she decided to release her solo album now, saying,

I started preparing for my solo album a way back then, but certainly I’ve been preparing for it since the beginning of this year. Considering the color and experience I’ll show you in the future, I thought this would be the most appropriate time to show you all my solo work.”

The album has six songs. First of all, a dark song “28 Reasons,” a pop dance song that expresses innocence and mischievous side as good and evil characters, and Seulgi’s first R&B song “Dead Man Runnin,” which features tension in grand base drops. Against the backdrop of bouncy piano performance, “Bad Boy, Sad Girl (Feat. BE’O)” and “Anywhere But Home” EDM pop “Los Angeles” with a romantic atmosphere along with a disco-style base. The finishing touch will be adorned with a dreamy yet solid “Crown” that expresses the gaze of the person who overwhelms the crowd.

Regarding her songs on the album, Seulgi elaborated,

I was proud to have my first song written with the A&R team’s positive evaluation. I would like to express my gratitude to BE’O for working hard and completing the song ‘Bad Boy, Sad Girl’ which was previously supposed to be a female solo song. I tried a variety of vocal charms, from “Crown”, which contains my low-pitched voice that many people love. “Anywhere But Home” goes well with the autumn weather, and “Los Angeles,” brings excitement for a new dream.”

Seulgi’s title song “28 Reasons” as seen in the music video, looked like a fantasy that captured the depth of Seulgi’s heart in a sincere and colorful way, not like a soft cozy bear atmosphere.

The charming style of whistling and orchestration was remarkable, with the cold yet dreamy vocal sense making the whole space relaxing.

In addition, in terms of the scene, Seulgi’s colorful aura and style seemed to unfold naturally through the connection of pure white and red styling, centering on the sharp black styling combined with the dancer’s group dance.

Seulgi expressed what efforts she made while preparing for her solo album and what points to focus on while watching her music video,

Because it was a concept of coexistence of good and evil, I had a lot of worries about my voice tone. I tried to sing more calmly and after taking producer Yoo Young Jin’s advice, pointing out that the daily vocal tone that shows warmth was emphasized in the first recording. I hope you pay attention to the performance, for things like the grotesque atmosphere and point hand gestures, which are completed with the combination of dancers, along with the music video cut that expresses the self-conflict in the dream. I hope I will be recognized as an artist that you look forward to in the future.”

Overall, Seulgi’s first solo “28 Reasons” is a new work that shows the delicacy and fascination she has developed, along with the experience that she has steadily accumulated through various album works for eight years.

Seulgi expressed gratitude for support from her bandmates Wendy and Joy by saying,

I think I did a good job this time again with the support of the members, Wendy and Joy who started solo activities first, and the work that has been strengthened thanks to various earlier activities experience.”

Seulgi then shared her expectations from the album, saying,

I want to show you the music I can do well and want to show you again and again. It’s my first time, but I hope this album, in which I have participated in many aspects from artwork to lyrics, will make me imprint as an anticipated artist in the future.”

Meanwhile, Seulgi released her first solo “28 Reasons” at 6 p.m. on October 4 and begin her solo career with the title song of the same name.

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