Recent Video Of Chungha Throwing Shade At Her Agency MHN Entertainment Gains Attention After BVNDIT’s Sudden Disbandment

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Some fans are revisiting a recent V Live held by Chungha following the recent news of BVNDIT’s Sudden Disbandment!

On November 11, BVNDIT’s agency, MHN Entertainment, released an official statement to announce the sudden news. Their first girl group has officially concluded their activities and are disbanding, they disbanded only three years after their initial debut. The news was a huge shock to the fans.

Amid this news, many media outlets are reporting on a recent V Live held by Chungha in which she directly shaded her current agency MHN Entertainment and said she wanted to leave.

In a recent V Live, one fan remarked how great it would be if she went on a world tour to meet her fans, Chungha saw that comment and replied with, “its on my bucket list. I want to go on a tour too. Why can’t I get to do it? MHN?”

When another fan asked if she’s leaving her agency, she said, ‘I want to leave. Please let me go.’ Then she caught herself and said in English, ‘I take it back,’ and said she shouldn’t have said that.

Many of Chungha’s fans have been complaining about the agency’s treatment of the idol for some time now. Initially, after I.O.I disbanded, Chungha became its first success story and great synergy between her and her agency helped propel her to unimaginable heights as she rose in popularity with her songs performing immensely well on Korean charts.

However, it appears something has changed, and the great synergy that was once between Chungha and her agency is now gone as many fans believe she’s not being properly promoted as much as she used to be.

Many also are puzzled at the fact that she had never been on a tour despite having a sizable fandom domestically and overseas.

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