Rapper Sleepy Surprises Fans With Wedding Announcement

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Rapper Sleepy is getting married!

On July 19, Rapper Sleepy posted a photo of his dog to his Instagram with a caption that surprised fans, he revealed he is getting married.

He wrote,

“I thought marriage was others business, but I’ve met someone who is precious to me.
And we have promised a future together. She is someone I am grateful for, she’s been by my side during a period that could have been seen as the most difficult time in my life.”

Rapper Sleepy will be getting married in October and since his wife-to-be is a non-celebrity, he stated that he will hold the ceremony quietly.

He thanked all of his fans who have been there for him during this time and promised to show a good side of himself in the near future.

The rapper will be getting married on his debut date in October.

Congratulations to sleepy and his fiance on their upcoming marriage!

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