Rapper pH-1 To Join Mnet’s “Boys Planet” As A Mentor

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Rapper pH-1 will appear on Mnet’s “Boys Planet”.

E-Daily reported on December 27th that the production team of Mnet’s new male idol survival show “Boys Planet” has selected pH-1 as the ‘rap master’ to improve the rapping skills of the participants.

“Boys Planet” is the male version of “Girls Planet 999: Girls’ War”, a female idol survival program that aired last year and created the project girl group Kep1er. It will draw the process of selecting a project boy group that will work in the global music market. There were only ‘Vocal Master’ and ‘Dance Master’ who taught singing and dancing respectively in ‘Girls Planet’. ‘Rap Master’ draws attention as it is a new position created for this season. 

pH-1 is an artist under the hip-hop label Hire Music. In 2018, he participated in Mnet’s hip-hop survival show ‘Show Me the Money 777’ and advanced to the semi-finals. Last year, he served as a mentor for Mnet’s high school rap survival show ‘High School Rapper 4’. He recently released his 2nd regular album and is scheduled to have his first world tour since his debut, early next year. 

pH-1 has experience serving as a mentor in ‘High School Rapper 4’ and is fluent in English, so it is expected to be a great help to global participants appearing in “Boys Planet” to improve their rapping skills. Previously, Mnet announced that thousands of people from 84 countries and regions had applied and that 98 participants were selected after an in-depth screening.

Mnet will unveil the music video for the signal song of “Boys Planet” for the first time through ‘M Countdown’ on December 29th. 

On the 30th, “Boys Planet” preview broadcast ‘Boys Planet: Star Is Born’ featuring ‘Dance Master’ Baek Gu Young and Choi Young Joon of “Boys Planet”, Yoon Ji Seong and Kim Jae Hwan from Wanna One, Kwon Eun Bi and Choi Yena from I*Zone, Kep1er Choi Yu Jin, Xiaoting, Mashiro, Kim Chae Hyun, Hikaru, and Seo Young Eun will be released. 

“Boys Planet” will be broadcast for the first time at 8:00 pm KST on February 2, 2023.


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