Rapper ONE Is Finally Making His Long Awaited Debut In July

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The rapper who gained immense popularity on “Show Me The Money 4” is finally making his long awaited debut.

YG Entertainment shared the happy news to their Twitter by posting a photo of the rapper and the official debut date.

He is set to debut on the 11th of July and fans of the promising rapper cannot wait to see what he has to offer.

YG also clarified that the rapper music direction will be very different from what the public expects from him.

Are you excited for One’s debut?

My Reaction


The cutie from show me the money is finally making his debut.

I watched show me the money 4 and I loved how adorable One was, he was seriously cute and deadly when he rapped, I think he was a part of Zico’s team at the time.

I actually forgot about him for a while, it seemed like YG was going to lock him up in the dungeon and never release him again, it only took them two years.

Do you know whats slightly fishy here? He was a part of a duo called 1punch, alongside THE Samuel everyone was fangirling over in Produce 101.

Samuel is currently preparing for his debut, from the way I look at it, it almost seems like YG literally trying to go head to head with Samuel, nice swing YG, nice one!

Its not too far from now, I cannot wait to see how it’ll turn out to be, I have no expectations of what kind of music he will do, but it does seem like he’ll talk about his struggles from the teaser photo.

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