Famous Rapper Resists Arrest And Assaults Police Officer After Getting Caught Driving Without A License

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Famous Rapper NO:EL has come under fire again!

On September 19, Rapper NO:EL came under fire after police revealed that he was booked on charges of driving without a license, non-compliance with breathalyzer tests, and obstruction of the execution of official duties under the Road Traffic Act.

The rapper had gotten into a car accident at 10:30PM on September 18, fortunately, no one was hurt during the accident, but his action afterwards gained him immense backlash. The rapper was reported to have hit a police officer while refusing to comply. He was arrested and sent home after a brief investigation.

This isn’t the first time the rapper has found himself in trouble. He was previously indicted on charges of drunk driving and changing drivers after a car accident. He was sentenced to one year and six months in prison suspended to two years of probation. He had also been sent to prosecution for swearing and assaulting passer-bys this past February.

Since his recent incident has happened during his probation, it is unknown whether he’d have to serve the jail sentence he’s been given originally. A suspended sentence means that the defendant will not serve the prison sentence unless he breaks the terms of his probation duration.

Rapper NO:EL gained fame after participating in “High School Rapper,” he’s the son of a known politician named Chang Je-won, an incumbent Member of the National Assembly from the United Future Party.

He has received immense backlash for his actions and put out a brief apology on Instagram he wrote,

“I have no words to say. I will receive all the punishment that I deserve and will do my best to become a more mature member of society. I sincerely apologize to all of my fans and to the many people I have negatively affected by my actions.”

His apology was met with negative responses considering how he’s always been in the news for breaking the law.

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