Rapper Lee Young Ji Competes On “Show Me The Money 11,” Did She End Up Passing The 1st Round Of Auditions?

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Rapper Lee Young Ji has surprised fans when it was revealed that she’s set to appear on “Show Me The Money 11” as a contestant, but did she end up surpassing the first round?

Rapper Lee Young Ji is known for being one of the IT rappers of Gen Z, she previously won Mnet’s “School Rapper 3” and it was revealed that she’s competing on this year’s season of “Show Me The Money.”

Why did Lee Young Ji audition for “Show Me The Money 11”?

On the 1st episode of “Show Me The Money 11,” Lee Young Ji auditioned. She explained her decision because she was getting criticized by some for auditioned despite having fame, she said, “I think people have different reasons for auditioning for this… I am also just another person with another reason. Just because I don’t lack in terms of my material wealth, doesn’t mean I am not hungry.”

Lee Young Ji also explained she was still in the process of discovering herself and she’s using “Show Me The Money 11” as an opportunity to ask who she is and what kind of music she’d like to pursue in the future.

Who judged Lee Young Ji on “Show Me The Money 11” 1st round?

Jay Park was the one who was in charge of judging the musician abilities. When she delivered a powerful verse, not only did some rappers clap but so did he. She drew attention from all around.

Did Lee Young Ji pass the audition for “Show Me The Money 11”?

Yes, she did. Lee Young Ji passed the 1st round of auditions with flying colors. Jay Park said her rap was good.

You can check out the clip of Lee Young Ji’s audition for “Show Me The Money 11” below!

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