Rapper Giant Pink’s Dog Revealed To Have Bit Another Dog Causing Its Death

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Rapper Giant Pink’s Dog Huchu has caused the death of another dog.

Previously, it was reported that Rapper Giant Pink’s Dog bit and shook another dog at the Han River on May 7. The dog was accompanied by her older sister at the time of the incident.

In response to the report going viral, the rapper has since issued an apology via Instagram. The rapper says that the incident happened when she wasn’t present as her sister was the one accompanying the dog. She says,

“After hearing the story from my sister, I was heartbroken and sorry as a co-dog owner and a dog owner.”

Giant Pink says she’s attempted to reach out the owner to meet them and personally apologize, thus, her husband has made multiple attempts to contact them and send them messages. However, they haven’t heard back yet. The rapper says she’s apologetic and would like to meet the dog owner in person to apologize.

According to various news outlets, a source close to the dog owner says while its true the husband called multiple times, they find it difficult to accept their offer to meet and apologize due to the pain they’re going through.

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