Rapper Bassagong Sent To Prosecution After Admitting To Illegally Filming And Sharing Video Of A Woman In Group Chat

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Rapper Bassagong, who was suspected of filming illegal recording and sharing it in a group chat room, has been sent to the prosecution.

According to the legal community on October 28, the Mapo Police Station in Seoul sent Bassagong to the prosecution last month on the charges of violating the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes (camera, etc.) were admitted by him.

Bassagong was accused of illegally filming the body of his acquaintance, A, and sending it to a group chat room in 2018. Victim A couldn’t respond to this because she was worried about her identity getting revealed. In May, it was reported that Bassagong disclosed her identity when he made remarks associated with A on YouTube content “The Wheely Mouth,” which he was appearing on at the time.

In particular, victim A shocked people by saying that she not only made extreme attempts due to mental shock and secondary abuse caused by the illegal filming by Bassagong, but also suffered the pain of miscarrying a child.

The incident first came to light anonymously, and it was later pointed out that it was Bassagong. Bassagong admitted to the allegations with a short apology saying, “I’m sorry for causing trouble. I will apologize for my wrongdoings and reflect on myself.” However, criticism continued on the fact that this will not conclude with a mere simple apology, but he did a crime that should be punished by law, and that he would only be investigated by the police after the incident was known.

Subsequently, Bassagong made a second statement, “I’m sorry again, I deeply apologize to the victim. The victim did not sue me, but I came to the police station because I thought it would be reasonable to pay for the crimes. I will sincerely be investigated and reflect on myself for the rest of my life so that this will never happen again.

In addition, controversy continued over Lee Ha Neul, the head of Superjam Records, and the writer of “Wheel Lips,” covering up the incident after it was revealed that he made obscene and sexual harassment remarks, such as calling the victim “XX girl” in a group chat room where Bassagong shared illegal filming.

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