Rapper B-Free Arrested After Assaulting Rapper Kingchi Mane And The Reason Is Quite Childish

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Rapper B-Free has gotten himself into trouble recently.

The rapper was placed under arrest by the Yongsan police department after assaulting fellow rapper Kingchi Mane and the reason is childish to say the least.

On May 23, B-Free went to the parking lot of an apartment building in the Huam neighborhood of Seoul’s Yongsan District, he went there to hit rapper Kingchi Mane in the face, and the reason is because Kingchi Mane left unpleasant comments on his SNS.

Police were dispatched after receiving reports and arrested B-Free on the spot.

Trigger Warning: Photo of injury

Kingchi Mane shared photos of his injury and explained that he was talking to B-Free about his comments that he made on instagram and he asked him to tell him his home address,

“I thought I could face him and resolve the issue. However, around 10:20 p.m. he came to my house and resorted to violence and the police arrested him on site.

He was a rapper I respected but no longer do. He said that he enjoys hitting people so I hope he pays the price for what he did.”


What are your thoughts on this?

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