“Queendom 2” Winner Revealed- Episode 10

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Mnet’s “Queendom 2” airs its finale today. The six groups compete for the top spot, here is who won “Queendom 2”!

On June 2, Mnet’s “Queendom 2” aired its final episode. VIVIZ, LOONA, WJSN, Brave Girls, Kep1er and Hyolyn went head-to-head with brand-new songs. The songs were released a couple of days prior to the finale.

Brave Girls’ song for the final battle is titled “Whistle,” Hyolyn’s is “Waka Boom (My Way)” (featuring Lee Young Ji), Kep1er’s is “THE GIRLS (Can’t turn me down),” LOONA’s is “POSE,” VIVIZ’s is “Red Sun!,” and WJSN’s is “AURA.”

Eventually, LOONA AND WJSN went up against each other as the winner was one of them.

The final winner was determined by adding 60,000 points to the final score of 40,000 points from the previous three contests to make up 100,000 points. The final contest was awarded a total of 60,000 points, with a total of 5,000 points for the pre-competition video cumulative score, 5,000 points for fan choice, 20,000 points for comeback music scores, and 30,000 points for live broadcasting.

“Queendom 2” winner is:


The members took turns thanking fans, the company, and staff. The members were also seen crying on broadcast and in shock to find out they won.

The final scores for each team were as follows:

  1. WJSN: 81020
  2. LOONA: 77988
  3. VIVIZ: 54419
  4. Hyolyn: 48761
  5. Kep1er: 46976
  6. Brave Girls: 45896

Congratulations to the winner!

What did you think of the results?

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  1. brave girls, hyolyn, kep1er were all robbed they did so much better than viviz, loona, wjsn. queendom 2 was rigged hyolyn should be first brave girls second kep1er third wjsn fourth loona fifth and viviz sixth. i totally blame the company of brave girls for not promoting them enough stop doing private concerts do public concerts try spread your Fandom out worldwide.

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