PURPLE KISS’s Park Ji Eun Departs The Group, Here Is Why

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Sad news for the fans of the Girl group PURPLE KISS since the group has announced the departure of member Park Ji Eun from the group.

RBW, their agency, announced on its official fan cafe on November 18 that Park Ji Eun, a member of PURPLE KISS will depart from the group due to her poor health condition and anxiety during group activities and PURPLE KISS will continue their activities as a 6 membered group while Park Ji Eun will look for a new direction to work.

Check out the full statement of the agency below:

“First of all, I’m sorry to tell you the sudden news to the fans who love PURPLE KISS. Park Ji Eun, who has been a member of PURPLE KISS, has left the team. As of November 18, Park Ji Eun will complete her activities as a member of PURPLE KISS, and PURPLE KISS will continue their group activities with a six-member system re-organization. Park Ji Eun recently visited the hospital due to continuous poor condition and anxiety during group activities and was advised by a specialist that she needed sufficient rest and stability. We discussed group activities and future careers with Park Ji Eun for a long time during the break, and after careful discussions, we agreed to wrap up her activities as Park Ji Eun of PURPLE KISS. We apologize for causing concern to our fans, and we will spare no support for Park Ji Eun’s recovery and future activities. We ask for your continued support from Park Ji Eun, who will take a new path, and we ask for warm support for the six members who will show further growth.”

Park Ji Eun also greeted the fans and confirmed the same by sharing a handwritten letter. Park Ji Eun said,

“I’m worried that you might have been surprised to see this news all of a sudden, After much consideration, I decided to wrap up my activities as a member of PURPLE KISS and find another direction as Park Ji Eun, not as the member Park Ji Eun of PURPLE KISS. I hope you will look at my decision with a warm perspective. Don’t worry too much about my health, and I will meet you as a cooler Park Ji Eun who can repay the love I received from you in the future.”

Meanwhile, PURPLE KISS debuted in March last year with their first mini-album “INTO VIOLET.”

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