PSY Draws Attention And Concern With His Slim Figure, Promises Fans He’ll Gain Weight Soon

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Who would have known that PSY would make news for his slim figure, but it has happened and his fans are worried about him!

Recently, PSY made a brief appearance in HyunA’s Instagram live alongside Hyojong as well. Fans were happy to see them interacting with their agency CEO but were shocked by how much PSY has lost weight. His face looked very slim in comparison to his standard appearance.

Following the live broadcast, various online communities and news outlets discussed the weight of PSY. Some fans expressed their concerns telling him to gain back his weight while others had a more humorous response to his weight loss; some of the comments were,

“When did Psy lose so much weight?? Hul~~ He didn’t lose weight even when he was jumping around during his ‘Gangnam Style’ days”

“He lost weight because he’s on hiatus. He’ll get back to his overweight state when it’s time for his concert again. Just think of him as the opposite of idols.”

“Psy lost weight? I don’t recognize him at all… he looks so gaunt”

“Look at how much weight Psy lost”

PSY responded to fans concerns, he screenshot a post that states,

“PSY’s self-management fail. Look at him losing weight while he’s on hiatus.”

PSY responded to the post in a humorous manner, he said,

“I’ll take care of my weight again.”

Fans can now rest assured, PSY said he’ll gain back his weight again.

Did his new look shock you?


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